Henry Wag Air Kennel
Henry Wag Air Kennel
Henry Wag Air Kennel
Henry Wag Air Kennel
Henry Wag Air Kennel
Henry Wag Air Kennel

Henry Wag Air Kennel

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Description: -

The Henry Wag Air Kennel has been designed to enable you to travel safely with your dog. Whether travelling overseas by air or by road or in your local area, this kennel will ensure your dog arrives safe and sound.

Our kennel meets IATA regulations for air travel. It includes bowls, which can be filled without opening the door, live animal labels, a door latch with single handed opening, metal bolts and nuts to secure the two halves of the kennel together and doors with minimum four-point locking. Some airlines have their own specific kennel requirements, please check with your airline to ensure these kennels are suitable.

When travelling in the car, your dog will be comfortably restrained and can be secured within your car with additional straps, as now required by law. After outdoor adventures our kennel will help to retain the dirt and water lost from your dog’s coat, minimising dirt transferral whilst travelling in a vehicle. The plastic kennel interior is easily cleaned after use.

Our kennel has a hard plastic shell with a strong carry handle on the top of the medium size and the larger sizes have top corner handles. Both doors and grills are powder coated steel for strength and to reduce rust. The side clips allow for easy assembly and additional metal bolts and nuts are provided for extra security.

Features: -

  • Meets IATA requirements for air travel
  • Includes bowls and travel labels
  • Tie down holes
  • Our door catch design allows single handed opening

Dimensions: -


Item Code: 41301

Weight of Kennel: 6kg

Size: 67.5 x 51 x 47 cm

Suitable for: 9-14kg (Cocker Spaniel, Corgi or similar)


Item Code: 41318

Weight of Kennel: 7kg

Size: 81 x 56 x 59cm

Suitable for: 14-23kg (Collie, Springer Spaniel or similar)


Item Code: 41325

Weight of Kennel: 9kg

Size: 90 x 60 x 68 cm

Suitable for: 23-32kg (Australian Shepherd, Basset or similar)


Item Code: 41332

Weight of Kennel: 11kg

Size: 100 x 67 x 75 cm

Suitable for: 32-40kg (Labrador Retriever or similar)


Item Code: 41349

Weight of Kennel: 22kg

Size: 121 x 82 x 90 cm

Suitable for: 40-57kg (German Shepherd or similar)

RRP: -    Medium £72.99

                Intermediate £94.99

                Large £127.99

                X-Large £159.99

                Giant £309.99